Sunday, June 04, 2006

Blah blah blah, etc

Ok, so I'm back. I read John LeCarre's "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy", "The Honourable Schoolboy", & "Smiley's People" over the course of 40 lunch-breaks & now I have nothing to read except my fishing magazines & the occasional hot rod magazine. Rat rods rule. I'm starting the South Beach Diet tomorrow, which ought to be good for laughs. I went to see Hank III (that's Hank Williams' grandson, people!) at the Anheim House of Blues last night. It was pretty crazy.

Well I was starting to feel despondent after finishing le Carre's "Smiley Trilogy" & having read every issue of Peter Bagge's "Hate", including the Hate Jamboree that pretty much wraps up the series for good. And then, just in time, I stumbled across the re-issue of the Weird-Ohs. They're these goofy models of goofy monsters driving goofy hot rods. Ought to keep me busy for a while, especially since I haven't built a model since I was a kid in short pants.

But here's the real news, & another big part of why I haven't graced the internet with my disjointed ramblings lately...I moved! I told my stinky, stuck-up, simpleton roomies to blow it out their tailpipe & hit the road. My girlfriend was nice enough to take me in while a scrounged together 1st & last, & now I'm out of Downtown & into Koreatown. I'll try to put some fotos up if I can ever figure out how to do that. It's a tiny-ass place but it feels like a penthouse, what with the windows (didn't have any of those at the old place), the fully functional bathroom (roommates tried to remodel the old bathroom & gave up halfway), the complete lack of cat, dog, & turtle droppings (use your imagination on that one). I'm not even going to touch on the interminable procession of cars & motorcycles the roomies were going to "fix up" & take to the salt-flats for a chance at the land-speed record. I have news for them & all other would-be automotive aficionados...the first step towards the land-speed record is getting the damn thing running, not carving a "gnarly-looking" headlight mount out of discarded fiberglass.

Anyways, I'm also back on the job-hunt. Had a decent interview the other day & hope to get hired somewhere before flipping out & going Kool-Aid Man at the office. I know, I know, after all that bitching I'm doing the whole thing all over again. What can I say?


Blogger thebigo said...

Building a model, eh? Why am I reminded of that DARE commerical about that kid who huffed too much model glue? And how dare you. Gnarly looking headlights are the key element to breaking any automotive record.

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