Wednesday, December 27, 2006

21-haiku salute to Gerald Ford.

Without any votes
You blundered into power,
A would-be fascist.

The road to DC
Is too oft traveled by fools,
Clumsy & righteous.

After Watergate
Nixon called in a favor.
“I beg your pardon?”

At Hell’s seventh hole
The Devil is teeing off
Heads up, Mr. Ford!

Look into his eyes,
The true window to the soul.
Still I see nothing.

Hey that reminds me…
Dubya wasn’t elected
And neither were you.

Another one down,
And another library
Named after a fool.

The road to Heaven
Can be a difficult one
Whoops, you tripped & fell.

Cerberus fast approaches
Nipping at your heels.

Plants die in winter.
Elections in November.
Ford met us halfway.

The truth sets us free.
And you, you ignoramus,
You set Nixon free.

You were MVP
And part of the GOP;
So long, SOB.

The funny part is
You were always dead to us,
We who choose to vote.

The world keeps burning,
Young soldiers keep on dying.
No one will miss you.

Another dead jock.
Say hi to Ty Cobb for us
When you meet in Hell.

I have to wonder
If you knew how to spell it;
d-e-m-o-c-r-a-c-y, fool.

Hells gain is our loss.
They’re retiring your number
And your carcass, too.

Slow news day today:
“Dunderhead ex-President
Bites the Goddamn dust”

I heard Betty Ford
Really put away the sauce.
That’s right, I went there.

Hey America,
Dust off your dancing shoes
Meet me at Ford’s grave.

Not the sharpest knife;
Still you stabbed us in the back,


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