Friday, January 14, 2005

Bleeding hearts, medium rare

So over there across a couple of oceans, they had this huge tsunami, & it's one of the worst natural disasters ever. Well over 100,000 dead, & more dying in the aftermatch. In it's wake, people around the world are coming together to help their fellow man. But, in a free country, we must tolerate critical views of current events, lest we lose the privilege of our own beliefs. What the blue blazes am I talking about? Let me share with you a pearl of wisdom overheard at work the other day. Ready? Ok......

...Ok I'm paraphrasing..."Since we've become a society that focuses so much on red meat, the demand for more & more cows has increased. These sacrificial bovines need grazing room, so we cut down tree upon tree, until the rain forests are depleted. The resulting lack of oxygen, in turn, causes the ozone layer to further deteriorate. What happens then? Well, look at the headlines, people, tsunamis happen! And these tsunamis would've been stopped in their tracks by the trees we so ignominiously cut down, & countless lives would have been spared."

I dressed this up a little; "ignominiously", as you may have guessed, is too big of a word for someone who thinks like this. But then again, so is "resulting."

So next time you callously indulge in a steak, or burger, or Swedish meatball, remember that in doing so, you're signing 100,000 death warrants.

Can you believe the superfluous bullshit that comes out of people's mouths on a daily basis? Superfluous bullshit...Is that redundant? Well you get the idea.

It's times like these I contemplate moving to the mountains, where my only concerns would be catching enough squirrel to make a casserole & fighting off rogue ATF agents.