Wednesday, December 15, 2004

"Let the music be your master"

So I just bought the new Tiger Army CD & it's pretty good, I don't think it's as good as "The Power of Moonlight" but maybe it'll grow on me. What I was thinking about when I drove home from Amoeba listening to it was that when I bought it, I found the section it was in (rockabilly) by spotting the rockabilly dude who was lurking around. It got me to thinking about rockabilly dudes who drive old restored cars & wear those goofy outfits, & really play the part. Do they wear pajamas from the '50s, too? What about food, are they allowed to eat those new low-carb sandwhiches?

I'm one to talk. I'm only recently stopped wearing death metal t-shirts exclusively, & my old Ford Ranger was plastered with heavy metal stickers, like some kind of macabre entry in the Craftsman Truck Series. I used to regard people who didn't walk around constantly touting their taste in music with extreme suspicioun, like "What's the matter with you, don't you like music?" Of course, I still keep the Emperor shirt in the rotation. And the Iron Maiden. And the Slayer. Ok so I'm not ready for the cover of GQ just yet, or even an Old Navy catalog. Somehow I'm working through it.